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In the world of hopnbounce, it lives a group of lovely animals that are loved and spoiled. They are free to do anything and they always hop and bounce happily. Their life is all about eat, play, sleep and providing unconditional love. This is the world where pets live forever and accompany their owners for life.

hopnbounce brings you our happy fluffy companions.


Learn more about the adorable pets in the world of hopnbounce.



Toffee the Rabbit
Toffee is a Netherland Dwarf in the color of the sweet toffee candy. She is the first member of hopnbounce. Toffee is bouncy and courageous. Her favorite hobby is eating fruits and veggies.


Kiki the Golden Retriever
Kiki is an affectionate Golden Retriever. He loves cuddling with his owners. He knows the rules but he chooses whether to obey depending on his very own mood. Most of the time Kiki does not feel like being an obedient dog. Kiki’s favorite hobby is watching people eat.


Momo the Border Collie
Momo is Kiki’s younger brother, but he’s always the big boss as he is faster and smarter. Momo is very playful and adventurous. His favorite hobby is playing Frisbee. Momo’s ambition is to herd all the animals in the world of hopnbounce.



Kelly the Shiba Inu
Kelly is a baby Shiba Inu. She is very curious and love jumping onto the face of Kiki and Momo to play with them. Kelly also loves following Momo for his adventures. Kelly’s owner is a pilot and her dream is to ride in his plane to fly to Canada


Bau Bau the Corgi
Bau Bau is a cute Corgi which has a heart shaped bottom. Bau Bau loves everyone but does not like dogs that are bigger than him. He challenges Momo and Kiki but is a good friend with Kelly. Bau Bau’s favorite time is going to the outdoor coffee shop with his master.


Syrup the Black and White Short Hair
Syrup is a black and white short hair cat. She is a very persistent and determined cat. If she does not find her favorite toy she will meow for hours until she gets the toy. Syrup’s hobby is to catch insects and give them to her owner as presents.