Personalised Phone Case

You can personalised the phone case with a name or any wording of your choice! Please read through below to see how you could do it.


1) You can refer to below for the text area of different design.


2) Number of Alphabets

The recommended number of alphabets (including spacing and punctuation) is 10 for the best visual appearance. The maximum is 15 alphabets (including spacing and punctuation). If you choose 11-15 alphabets, the font size may reduced to fit the design.


3) Processing Time

We need 5-10 working days to design and produce your phone case.

4) Order

To order, you need to purchase one phone case plus the 'personalised' items at

When placing the order, please provide the information below.


1) Phone Case Design

2) Phone Model

3) Wording of your choice (We will follow exactly the capitalisation you input here)

For example, if you want to order Bau Bau Corgi Phone Case in Light Blue ( with your name 'Laura', you need to input the information as below.

1) Bau Bau Corgi Phone Case in Light Blue

2) iPhone 11

3) Laura

Afterward, just submit your order and complete the payment. We will then design, produce and ship your personalised phone case to you!