Welcome to hopnbounce!

Hello friends! Welcome to hopnbounce!

We are so excited that our website is finally launched. hopnbounce started 2 years ago. We mainly focused on selling art prints overseas at that time. In these two years, we have changed quite a lot. We start selling locally and overseas in physical market/ store. We also create many different products, including bags and accessories.

As our products and the orders getting more, we decided to maintain our own online store for better customer experience. We are so happy that our online store is finally launched and now people from all over the world can buy from us directly with a simple click at home.

I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce our two shopkeepers to you, Momo (my Border Collie on the left) and Kiki (my Golden Retriever on the right). (I'm sure some of you may know them if you are one of our followers!) As i am always busy with the design work, the two of them will be the one who maintain this website, talk to you and manage your order. But believe me, the working one is usually Momo as Kiki likes sleeping more than working.

I hope you would love our website and we would love to hear from you for any comments or ideas. Enjoy shopping! And do follow us on facebook/ instagram for updates!

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